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Bookman founded in Copenhagen in 1912
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Bastager 3, 2950 Vedbæk, Denmark
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Bookman was founded in Copenhagen in 1912 by David Grünbaum for whom my mother-in-law, Edith Kiilerich, worked   for some years back in the fifties. When the company was sold to a Swedish company, Edith continued to work there for a few years until she started a literary agency under her own name.I was educated as a banker and stockbroker, but in my spare time I had the pleasure of working together with Edith as a "literary messenger boy", bringing books out to the Danish publishers in Copenhagen and surroundings. In 1962 Edith was offered to buy the shares in Bookman A/S and the two firms, Edith Kiilerich's Literary Agency and Bookman, were merged. It has since then worked under the name of Bookman Literary Agency.  In August 1962 I started working together with Edith on a full time basis.

Our agency has the pleasure of representing authors via literary agencies and publishers for whom we sell rights in Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. We work with all types of copyright and the majority of the business and people we represent come from Canada and the United States.

Edith Kiilerich died in September 1978. In remembrance of her, some of her friends inside the publishing world in Great Britain, U.S.A. and Scandinavia, Robert E. Banker, Doubleday, New York, Michael Hornimann, A.P. Watt in London, Otto B. Lindhardt, Copenhagen and Dr. Georg Svensson, Bonniers, Stockholm, honoured her and set up a memorial fund in her name. For some years after her death the proceeds of The Edith Kiilerich Memorial Fund made it possible for young people with Scandinavian and Finnish publishing houses or magazines to educate themselves within their professional field in England or in the United States and thus further strengthen the interest in translations.

This is all history - a little nostalgic look-back.

Today my wife, Bebbe Lauritzen, and I work together. August 1999 we moved Bookman Literary Agency to Bastager 3, our home address. Life has changed, the publishing world has changed, Bookman has changed, but our main aim is still to have the authors we represent translated into the Nordic languages.

We have a file system, which enables us to go back to the early thirties and find details concerning original publisher, local publisher, agents, terms etc.

Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Yours sincerely,

Ib H. Lauritzen